Cashmere Forms

We provide the forms in three formats. Open office is a free full featured office suit that can be run on Windows or Linux. If you are using Open Office, download the files with the .odt extension. The .doc files are in windows95 format. This format can be read by microsoft office versions that run on windows 95, windows xp and windows 2000. They can also by used with open office. The files with the .pdf extension can be read and printed with the free Adobe document viewer. Links to download the free application are provided below.

Consignment Notes


Information we need to generate a Recipient Created Tax Invoice

Please fill in a Recipient Created Tax Invoice Agreement so we can create a tax invoice for you. We can't make a payment if we can't create an invoice.

Statement by Supplier

If you are not registered for GST, government regulations requires you to fill out a "Statement by Supplier". Complete page 3 of the document linked to below and send to Cashmere Connections with your consignment note and RTIA.



Open source full feature office suit. Download Consignment_note.odt, edit with this free applicaton, and email file.
PDF reader. Download Consignment_note, view with this free application, print and mail.